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I enjoy most physical sports, especially Taekwondo, I have classes at least three times a week, I get a huge rush of adrenaline every time I join a competitive fight. I was very nervous during my first competition, everyone else looked like they'd done this a hundred times already, and it seemed like it was just me that was complaining how uncomfortable the crotch guard was. There were some rules that I didn't know yet so my plan was to watch the experts and learn from them, so I sat confidently waiting for them to announce the first fight. Suddenly, my ID was called out, I was caught off guard and rushed onto the fight area, a lot of thoughts went through my mind while standing opposite my opponent, I wasn't thinking clearly and when the round started, I lifted my leg to kick the opponent, but I ended up hitting my knee on my head. I fell down, embarrassed, ashamed etc. My coach was screaming at me to get up, I slowly pulled myself up and began breathing slower, it was time to change myself, I became someone else, my trainer. When the round started again, I was ready, we had a long round, I felt so powerful and.... I lost. Ever since, I've been training even harder to prevent the same thing from happening again. I hope one day this can factor into my film projects but for now, I will keep training alongside my studies and projects.

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