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Assile YacoubAssile YacoubAssile YacoubAssile Yacoub

Personal Details

  • Age
  • : 19 years
  • Gender
  • : male
  • Eyes
  • : brown
  • Hair
  • : black
  • Hair length
  • : short
  • Skin tone
  • : olive
  • Ethnicity
  • : middle/eastern
  • Height
  • : 6'2"
  • Weight
  • : 16st.
  • Build
  • : large
  • Shoe size
  • : 10.5
  • Spotlight pin
  • : N/A
  • Language (s)
  • : French (first language), English, Arabic (need revision though)

About me

My road so far I have applied to hundreds of acting jobs and finally got to play in 2 films (1 feature film and 1 short film). The feature film is called "Release" and will be released in 2019; and then commercialised on Netflix or any other company as such. The second film is a student short film called "Outbreak", a film about zombies and apocalypse. About me: I am hardworking when I love to do something I really enjoy doing, and acting has become my reason to live. I am also unconsciously curious to the unknown, which can sometimes make me do risky choices and I love the feeling it provides me. I accept failure as I never feel down when I lose, because I know that if I lose a battle I will learn more about how to win the war, and that mindset makes me become someone that would never give up. I am also an immigrant that knows how other countries struggle, and when I see all the possibilities in United Kingdom I feel that sort of emotion that tells me it is impossible for me to fail as I have all the resources between my hands. I was born in France and I have Middle-Eastern/North-African backgrounds. I speak French (first language), and have Arabic knowledge; still need to be revised though. I lived in Jordan for 1 year when I was 6. I am currently 18 years old (19 soon) and... anyways I don't want to make this look to boring. All the necessary information about myself can be found on Google, just search up Assile Yacoub and you'll find my StarNow, IMDb, and MandyActors profiles. My StarNow profile:

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