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Personal Details

  • Age
  • : 12 years
  • Gender
  • : female
  • Eyes
  • : brown
  • Hair
  • : dark brown
  • Hair length
  • : long
  • Skin tone
  • : olive
  • Ethnicity
  • : mediterranean
  • Height
  • : 4'11"
  • Weight
  • : 5st.
  • Build
  • : slim
  • Shoe size
  • : 6.5
  • Spotlight pin
  • : N/A
  • Language (s)
  • : I can write and read Spanish, Greek, English, and French.

About me

Hi! I'm Athina Michael. I'm an 11 year old girl with a passion for acting, singing, composing and writing. When I'm writing, the words just seem to fly off the pen and onto the page. When I'm composing, the ideas flow from my head and rearrange themselves on the stave. And when I'm acting, I experience that incredible feeling of taking a step outside of my body and into the character that I am playing. Only when I hear the final round of applause am I jolted back into my body. But when I'm on stage, it's just me...and the spotlight. I have been singing since I could talk and have been training and performing in theatres with a professionally trained classical/operatic singer (Giulia Laudano) since the age of 7, singing in Latin, German, Italian, Spanish and English. I have achieved high grades and marks for singing and piano, as these come naturally to me. Piano-Grade 7, (all distinction) Singing-Grade 6 (all distinction) Violin-Grade 6 (merits and distinctions) Performances I am used to performing on stage, and hardly get nervous. I love the thrill of not knowing how your performance is going to go, and the moment when the final word leaves your lips. Silence rings in your ears, and you cannot hear anything but your own breath. I have done acting grades (LAMDA) and have achieved distinction for all of them. I love horror and thrillers, the more dramatic and scary the better! Writing I am currently working on my own horror book-('Freddy says'). I love pouring my mind's contents on the page and seeing my story start to take place. I am also writing a script for a movie called "No Signal." This is also a horror. I love to jump on my bed at night when it is peaceful and write my script under my lamp light. Auditions I go to every audition confident and fearless. My priority is not to go to that audition and leave with the judges thinking that I am a nice little girl. No. My priority is to go to the audition and leave with the judges going "Wow." I go there to focus on my sole purpose. I give every audition 100% and I will not fail to disappoint. I am not scared in front of the camera, and am more than prepared to perform a dramatic action, such as screaming as loud as I can, for example. Again, the more dramatic, the better! Personality I am determined, cheerful, creative, and funny (I hope.) I am always cracking jokes and making my friends laugh. I am strong minded and cannot be deterred from anything I have set my eyes on. I love working with actors, no matter who they are. So if I had to sum up all of this writing here, I will leave you will four words: I will not disappoint.

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