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I have an eidetic memory, and can memorise loooooonnggg passages. I skipped a year of school. As a result, some kids in my year feel like I don't belong in their year. They talk about things that don't interest me, so I don't really know what to say most of the time, which is funny, because I normally have TOO much to say. I've been labelled as a chatterbox, which I"ll. take as a compliment. My holiday destination is definitely either Dubai, Spain, or Greece. My dad is one of those nature people who love to hike and swim in rivers. Me? I don't think so. I'm more of a lying on a sun bed, drinking a slushy sort of person. I think holidays should be enjoying yourself. In my mind, enjoying yourself isn't really sleeping in an uncomfy tent on a rickety bed, so low to the ground you are literally kissing the spiders and the worms. I love pets, especially cats and dogs. Cats for when you are lonely and need someone to curl up on your lap, and a dog for when you are feeling a burst of energy and need to get it out. I have one adorable dog called Buddy-he is the cutest, white maltese you'll ever meet. I don't think I'm one of those people that just fit into society. Sure, I'm outgoing and easy to make friends with, but, while other kids are running around playing tag, I'm engulfed in a book in the corner of the playground,sucked into into a different world altogether. My favourite sports are swimming, tennis, rugby, and netball, and I also do boxing as a self-defense. I am a very honest sort of person, and I always say what I'm feeling, though this is sometimes not the wisest thing to do. I love poetry and all the creative arts. I hate factual subjects like maths, and science, although I do well in these areas. I often daydream and sing without realising it, and am often off in my own world, my imagination running wild.

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