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Personal Details

  • Age
  • : 17 years
  • Gender
  • : male
  • Eyes
  • : brown
  • Hair
  • : black
  • Hair length
  • : mid length
  • Skin tone
  • : white
  • Ethnicity
  • : white/caucasian
  • Height
  • : 5'5"
  • Weight
  • : 9st.8lb.
  • Build
  • : slim
  • Shoe size
  • : 8
  • Spotlight pin
  • : 2413-3497-3560
  • Language (s)
  • : English, Russian, Ukrainian

About me

My goal in life is to be an actor, I don't care if it will be theatre or movie I just want to perform. Even when I was a kid I had a dream of becoming an actor but I didn't have any opportunities as I lived in Ukraine and we don't have any drama classes in Ukraine, but then I moved to UK, that happened 2 years ago and I decided to pursue my dream even though my parents told me not to, they wanted me to do simple boring things as others do, like Business or IT. But I took my chances and applied to drama college, and now I have a bit of experience in acting and I love it, my tutors say that I am doing really well. I learn a lot of things about acting in college that will help me in acting such as characterization and teamwork and much more. I am really passionate about drama and that is what I want to do in the future.

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