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Personal Details

  • Age
  • : 12 years
  • Gender
  • : female
  • Eyes
  • : grey green
  • Hair
  • : brown
  • Hair length
  • : shoulders
  • Skin tone
  • : white
  • Ethnicity
  • : white/caucasian
  • Height
  • : 1'3"
  • Weight
  • : 3st.9lb.
  • Build
  • : slim
  • Shoe size
  • : 1
  • Spotlight pin
  • : N/A
  • Language (s)
  • : English

About me

I love to act! I was recently in a short film (very dark and edgy) and working alongside the other cast and crew (all adults) was my dream come true. I'm just starting home school which will give me more time to act, and I do gymnastics, horse-riding and theatre group as well. I really enjoy making people laugh and and am very curious. I ask a lot of questions! I am new to auditioning so I don't know what to expect. But the director on the film I did said the camera loves me and was impressed at my ability to subtly change my performance with each take. I am small for my age which means I can play younger children and I am not too "jazz-handsy" as I call it! I'd love to be considered for acting and modelling jobs.

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