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Personal Details

  • Age
  • : 20 years
  • Gender
  • : female
  • Eyes
  • : blue
  • Hair
  • : red titian
  • Hair length
  • : long
  • Skin tone
  • : white
  • Ethnicity
  • : white/caucasian
  • Height
  • : 5'6"
  • Weight
  • : 10st.
  • Build
  • : medium
  • Shoe size
  • : 8
  • Spotlight pin
  • : N/A
  • Language (s)
  • : English

About me

I knew that I had a passion for acting when I was 8 years old because I was always the person in the class to get up and act out a character. I love acting because it allows me to express myself as a creative person. What I enjoy most about portraying a character is becoming that person and perceiving the world in the characters perspective. It is an eye opening experience to live as a fictional character because the characters personality could be the opposite of my own. Which allows me as the Actor to put a unique twist on the character. I am very passionate and dedicated to my work. I am very lucky to have a natural ability of good timing in performance, improvisation, picking up many different accents so that it sounds authentic to a native speaker who has that particular accent. I have a wide range of performance skills which including the ability to portray sinister characters and in contrast I can portray A light hearted comedic character.

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