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ActingKidz - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Acting Kidz Agency?

Acting Kidz Agency is one of the UK's leading acting agencies for children and young actors.
We represent young actors and actresses from newborn to age 21 and we pride ourselves in managing only the very best talent.
We specialise in Feature Films, commercials, TV & still photography. We are not a theatrical agency nor a model agency.
Each of our young actors has something very special! We select them for their raw talent and guide them throughout their acting careers and help hone their skills in acting, singing, dance and still photography.

What do you look for when you decide to represent someone?

Our talent is carefully selected and they are usually interviewed at one of our casting days where they perform a script that we have prepared. (Please note: only young actors of 5 years and over are asked to perform a script)
We look for something special in each young actor that we select. Confidence in front of the camera is very important, as well as good expressive dialogue. It is also important that the parents are willing to make the commitment to take their child to castings once they join the agency if their child is under 16. Children under 5 need to be comfortable with strangers, show confidence and generally have a happy demeanour.

Where is Acting Kidz based?

We are based in central London; however, we represent clients throughout the UK, so long as they are willing to attend castings in London or Manchester.

What ages do you represent?

We only take new clients from newborn to age 20. However, if a client is already on our books when they reach 21, we will continue to represent them until their 22nd birthday.

Can I be represented by more than one agency?

Children and young actors based in Greater London are usually offered exclusive contracts; however, for clients outside of Greater London, we offer non-exclusive contracts to allow them to also be represented by a local agent.
All children are allowed to join a separate modelling agency, so long as the agency is not also an acting agency.

Does Acting Kidz charge any fees?

There is no membership fee at Acting Kidz.
We do however create a website / profile for each of our clients. We then send the client the login details, so that they can update it as they do more acting parts or add new photo's.
There is a one off charge of £169 to create the website / profile and maintain it for one year. Thereafter we charge an annual website inclusion fee of £95 per year, which is deducted from the client`s fees from acting jobs.
From year two onwards, until a client gets selected for an acting job, there is no website inclusion fee payable.

How much commission do you charge?

Our commission rate is 25% for all actors. We regularly negotiate higher fees for our clients and make sure they are paid the correct rate for all acting jobs that we get for them.

Do I need to book a photo shoot to apply?

You do NOT need to book head shots when you apply.
If your child is lucky enough to be invited to our monthly auditions, an independent firm of professional photographers are often present and they offer a discounted rate of £69 (reduced from their usual price of £236) for 20 professional head shots.
They can be taken immediately after the audition. However, this is totally optional. Obviously, if we select you / your child to join Acting Kidz Agency, we cannot send "selfies" or snapshots to casting directors. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry.
We therefore must insist that our artists have only images of the highest quality on their webpage to offer our clients.
However, as long as you already have up to date professional head shots and attach one to the application, you will not need to have head shots at the audition.
Whether or not you book head shots when you apply, will not affect you / your child`s chances of being chosen to join our agency.

Do I need to join Spotlight?

The short answer is yes! We register all our young actors on Spotlight from 4 years of age. is used by practically all reputable casting directors, producers and media agencies to find talent. Children can only join Spotlight if they are put forward by a Spotlight approved agency.

How do I apply to join Acting Kidz?

You will need to submit an application using the 'Apply to Join' tab above. We do not accept postal or email applications. If your application is successful, one of our team will contact you via email approximately 10 days before the audition date that you selected.

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